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Fish Hooks


We have the most extensive selection of gear fishing supplies in the area. But we also have flys too!

Much of our personally-selected lures & gear have been used on the Deschutes and John Day Rivers!

Tackle & fly offerings include set-ups for catching trout, steelhead, whitefish, and bass (John Day).

We do not sell Fishing Licenses. Purchase your Fishing License online at Oregon DFW - Login (

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Basic Gear

Fishing line, bobbers, hooks, weights, nets, tackle boxes & bags, brine

Fishing Rods

Fishing Poles

Spinner rods & reels, fly rods & reels, replacement spinner reels, kids poles

Calm Lake

Lake Bait

Power bait, eggs, spinners




Spinners & Spoons


Minnow/Crawdad trap

Our selection focuses on sub-surface flys

Spinners and spoons meant for steelhead, trout, bass, and whitefish

For rivers or lakes

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